JO Season 2015-2016 Registration is OPEN

Registration for CRVBC's 2015-2016 Junior Olympic Girls Volleyball season is Open.

PLEASE make sure to take advantage of the Early-Bird tryout fee discount:
    Normal Cost is $50
    Early-Bird cost is $25 (tryout fee, Medical History, Behavior Policy MUST be mailed to CRVBC and post-marked by Monday October 19th)

If you are a returning player, then please login to your existing account (this will allow your existing registration profile to be auto-filled in to your online form), visit the CRVBC Registration page, make sure your information is correct (particularily your uniform sizes, contact information, and year in school).

Do not forget to register with USAV  Volleyball!!! And, bring your Player ID card with you to tryouts. You will not be allowed on the court without your USAV ID card.

Good luck with you Fall seasons!

See you on court.

Refereeing Instruction

For all CRVBC tournament team members on the Condors and the Ospreys:
For all others, these are great training videos to refresh your memory on what you will need to know at Winterfest.
PLEASE make sure to watch the following refereeing instructional videos before next week (the 14's teams will be practicing refereeing):

  1. Junior Line Judge Clinic
  2. Officiating U-14's
  3. Junior Second Referee Clinic
  4. Juniors Signals
  5. Net and Center Line Rules
  6. Scoring Basics: Non-deciding set
  7. Libero Control
  8. Scoring Basics: Deciding set


What is the In-house league?

The CRVBC In-house league is a great opportunity to learn and improve your volleyball skills using the same techniques as our national teams.  The format consists of going through skill building drills followed by playing time.  You will be coached by members of the coaching staff on a rotating basis.  Practice runs from 3:30 to 5:30 each Sunday except for Easter and Tournament days.  In addition you will learn how to referee and scorekeep. CRVBC has been wanting to establish an In-house league for quite some time and we are very excited about it!

Condors win their NERVA 2 tournament

Congratulations to the Condors. They had a long drive out to Chicopee, MA, but made the most of it by playing all the way to, and winning, the final match of the day. Nice job on your tournament win! Keep up the good work.

Congratulations to all the teams at CRVBC

Congratulations to all the teams at CRVBC!
It was a very successful and fun year.
Many teams had tournament wins. A few even were even tournament champions multiple times.
Most of all we had fun in a learning environment, built friendships, and set and attained many goals.
Thanks again to everyone: Players, Coaches, Parents, ...

Hope to see you all next season. Registration will be opening in late September.

Falcons win NERVA 2 18-A

Great job Falcons! After winning their NERVA I 17-Open tournament the Falcons moved up to the 18-A tournament for NERVA II, and won that as well. Congratulations!

Opsreys win NERVA II

Congratulations to the Ospreys for their continued success this past weekend. The team won their second 14-AA tournament of the season. It took focused teamwork during a 3 set semi-final, and a 3-set final to secure their second win in as many tournaments this 2015 NERVA tournament season. Good job Ospreys!