Goffstown Volleyball Camp

If you want to pick up your game this is the place to go! and it's right before tryouts! Here is a copy of the flyer.



15th Annual Goffstown  

Volleyball Camp At GHS


GHS Girls Entering Grades

11-12 and Invited Campers

Session 1: Aug. 1-4, 2016

Mon-Thurs 8:30-10:45am


Boys Entering Grades 8-12

Session 2: Aug. 1-4, 2016

Mon-Thurs 11:00am-1:00pm


Girls Entering Grades 8-10

Session 3: Aug. 1-4, 2016

Mon-Thurs 1:15-3:15pm


Girls Entering Grades 9-12

Session 4: Aug. 8-10, 2015

Mon-Wed 8:30-10:30am


Girls or Boys Entering Grades 5-7

Session 5: Aug. 8-10, 2016

Mon-Wed 10:45am-12:30pm


Players Entering Grades 2-4

Session 6: Aug. 8-10, 2016

Mon-Wed 12:45-1:45pm


Registration Form – 2016

Camper’s Name:_____________________

Age:________ Grade Entering:_________




Playing experience (circle all that  apply):

Novice           J.O.   Middle School          

Freshmen     J.V.   Varsity

T-Shirt Size:  child size      S   M   L   XL   (circle 1)       adult(men)   S   M   L   XL

Which Session (check one)?

S1 (GHS Girls 11-12th grade) ($140) _____ S2 (Boys 8-12th grade) ($125)                _____        S3 (Girls 8-10th grade) ($125)          _____ S4 (Girls 9-12th grade) ($95)            _____      S5 (Any 5-7th grade) ($75)                    _____  S6 (Any 1-4th grade) ($50)               _­____

Multi-camper family?     Yes    No                                        (Please take off $10 for each child after the first.  Thank You!)

Please make checks payable to:

  Matt Leonard c/o Goffstown Volleyball

Please mail/drop off registrations to:

Matt Leonard                                          Goffstown High School                             27 Wallace Road                                Goffstown, NH 03045

Registration Continued:

Medical, emergency, and insurance information:


Please list any medical conditions the camp staff should be aware of (allergies, medications, recent illnesses, injuries, asthma, etc.): _________________________________________________


Please list names and phone numbers for emergency contact(s):






The above named participant has my permission to participate in the camp program above.  In case of emergency, I understand every attempt will be made to contact person(s) above.  If contact is unsuccessful, I give my permission to the attending physician to render medical treatment to the participant, including (if necessary) hospitalization.  Any expenses arising from injury or illness is the responsibility of the person signing below.


Print Name:__________________________________





Insurance Company:_____________________________________


Policy #:_______________________________________

About the Camp


The Goffstown Volleyball Camp is enters its 15th summer providing an intense and inspiring volleyball experience for students in grades 1-12.  All six sessions will take place at Goffstown High School.  Sessions 1-3 are 4-day sessions between Aug. 1-4, while Sessions 4-6 are 3-days between Aug. 8-10.  Camp directors, Matt Leonard (all sessions), Sarah Stank (8-12th graders), Mel Margeson (boys) and Kat Greenan (2-7th graders), provide their leadership and guidance.  Other experienced coaches will join the staff for all sessions.  In addition, select high school players will assist with coaching during sessions 5+6.

Camp Cost
We strategize to ensure that each camper has a great camp experience at an amazing value.  Sessions 1-3 provide four intense days of volleyball competition, led by experienced coaches, at a cost of $140 (1) and $125 respectively (2-3).    Sessions 4-6 include 3 day sessions that are priced by time in the gym: $95 (4), $75 (5) and $50 (6) Any family sending multiple campers to any session may deduct $10 for each additional registered camper (ex: 2 campers is -$10, 3campers -$20)!


Camp Staff                                         

Matt Leonard, founder and coordinator of the camp, is entering his 16th year as GHS’ girls’ volleyball coach.  The girls’ teams have made the Division 1 playoffs in 11 straight seasons and have been a top 10 team each of the past 8 years.  Matt has also coached 15 seasons with the girls and boys’ basketball, baseball, and boys’ volleyball teams at the high school level.

Sarah Stank will direct session 4.  Sarah enters her eighth year as a counselor and fifth as the camp’s co-director.  She has coached varsity volleyball (both boys and girls) for 5 seasons and high school volleyball for 9 seasons total including 2 Coach of the Year awards.  She brings many years of playing experience including playing at Division 1, UNH and Northern Arizona.

Mel Margeson will direct session 2.  Mel has just completed her second year as the varsity boys’ coach at Goffstown.  Last fall she completed her first year as the NHTI women’s coach.  In both positions, she earned the Coach of the Year award.  Mel is also a former player at both NHTI and GHS and currently plays on adult leagues around the state.

Kat Greenan will direct sessions 5 and 6 as she returns for her fifth year as a camp counselor and 3rd year directing the elementary school players.  Kat has just completed her junior year at UNH after spending 4 years as a player at Goffstown High School.

Other counselors will include current Goffstown volleyball coaches Shaun Clougherty (JV Girls’ coach), Livvy Smith(Girls’ freshmen/varsity assistant coach) and Mike Lee (MVMS coach), former boys varsity coach, Randy Lovering, strength and conditioning and former GHS freshmen coach, Sami Tatu and Trinity Christian School volleyball coach, Linda Oxford, as well as other former and current volleyball players and coaches during different sessions.




What We Teach


Elementary School Age

Session 6 will focus on a fun, introduction to the life-long sport of volleyball.  The three days will introduce serving, passing, setting, and hitting in fun individual and large group games.  This Session will feature many prizes and a positive group of dedicated counselors.

Middle School Age

Session 5 will focus on the individual skills of volleyball starting with the basics.  All campers will be introduced to passing, serving, setting, hitting, and blocking.  As the week continues the campers will learn the importance of these skills in a team offense and defense.  The campers will break down into teams during the week and will be able to test their skills in fun and competitive drills and games. 

High School Age

The high school players (Sessions 1-4) will work on their individual skills including passing, serving, digging, setting, hitting, and blocking.  There will be a major focus on how these skills are incorporated into the team game.  The camp will provide individual skill development opportunities combined with team play development.  The campers will have the opportunity to play with a team during the week led by a counselor/coach.  These teams will focus on team play and learning their teammates’ tendencies. 


Congratulations to all the teams at CRVBC

Congratulations to all the teams at CRVBC!
It was a very successful and fun year.
Many teams had tournament wins. A few even were even tournament champions multiple times.
Most of all we had fun in a learning environment, built friendships, and set and attained many goals.
Thanks again to everyone: Players, Coaches, Parents, ...

Hope to see you all next season. Registration will be opening in late September.

What is the In-house league?

The CRVBC In-house league is a great opportunity to learn and improve your volleyball skills using the same techniques as our national teams.  The format consists of going through skill building drills followed by playing time.  You will be coached by members of the coaching staff on a rotating basis.  Practice runs from 3:30 to 5:30 each Sunday except for Easter and Tournament days.  In addition you will learn how to referee and scorekeep. CRVBC has been wanting to establish an In-house league for quite some time and we are very excited about it!

Refereeing Instruction

For all CRVBC tournament team members on the Condors and the Ospreys:
For all others, these are great training videos to refresh your memory on what you will need to know at Winterfest.
PLEASE make sure to watch the following refereeing instructional videos before next week (the 14's teams will be practicing refereeing):


  1. Junior Line Judge Clinic
  2. Officiating U-14's
  3. Junior Second Referee Clinic
  4. Juniors Signals
  5. Net and Center Line Rules
  6. Scoring Basics: Non-deciding set
  7. Libero Control
  8. Scoring Basics: Deciding set